by Souls Denied

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All songs composed by Will Kaelin and John Morrison
Recorded by Will Kaelin
Lyrics by Zack Hiltunen


released October 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Souls Denied Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Unholy Exterminator
I am the bane of mankind
Sent to this realm to destroy
Take up the sword
Tainted steel burning red
Flush out the weak
Unholy exterminator
Reep the woes of the Holy
Slice the flesh of my enemies
Pledge fealty to no king
Ride onwards through the Plains
I march to the kingdom to usurp the throne of man
Track Name: Ignited Flesh
Surge of power
Flows through my bones
I yearn for souls
To complete my quest
Monstrous axe slicing
Off the skin of mortals
Engulfing flames overhead
Hear their flesh ignite
Screams deafening
Bugs gnawing at corpses
Wolves howl the song of destruction
Thick miasma coats the sky
My sword grows hungry
Onto the next village
Track Name: Dethroned
Siege the castle
No one can save your kingdom
I come to destroy all hope
Eternal twilight doomed to rule
Vile inquisitor
Devoid of remorse
I dominate the land
Vestige of destruction
Severed head of royal blood
Crushed eye sockets
Skull is smashed smashed to bits
Crown of light
Crown of light broken upon the throne
The end is now
I bring the world